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Our Patented Process

HydroGraph harnesses the power of hydrocarbon gases through our patented detonation method to produce hydrogen gas and graphene powder.


The Beginning


In 2016 a lab experiment gone wrong provided unexpected results - pristine graphene powder from the detonation of acetylene gas. Fast forward to now and we have created a method that is low cost, green, and scalable. We now create customized graphene and high grade hydrogen gas for mass market utilization.


Hydrogen + Graphene


Our system works best as one cohesive unit. With methane gas as our feedstock, our hardware produces acetylene gas and hydrogen. The acetylene gas enters a secondary process to power the production of graphene. We are fully digitized and perfectly calibrated for an array of specialized end products. 


Decentralized Production


The Hardware

Our modular systems can be integrated into any production site for bulk quantities of pristine graphene or hydrogen gas.

The Software

The system has been perfectly calibrated to ensure each batch is of identical quality. Each modular system is connected to wifi and features a computer control panel.

The Cloud

All units connect to the cloud to ensure quality control and to enable our team of scientists to assist in obtaining the chosen end product.

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